Coming attraction #1- Mystery/Thriller

For the fans of the Cold Hollow Mystery Series comes a spin-off. Nickeled and Dimed to Death will be book one of the Deadly Delilah Mystery Series.

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Coming Attraction #2- Urban Fantasy

Reader Dearest,

You know who I am. Everyone does. I’m an all-powerful and a magnificent specimen if ever one was created! And I’m popular in certain circles.

But I digress.

Let’s talk about demons for a moment, shall we? Everyone knows there is savagery and purity in every breed, humans included. Demons have a bad reputation because of misinformation. It’s just that simple. I have a bad reputation for the same reason.

What about The Prince of Pain, The Cheeky Cherub, the Big Bub himself you ask? Will he make an appearance or lurk in the shadows waiting to pounce? He’s capable of being quite a showman when prompted and he’s good looking to boot!

Too many questions and not enough answers you say? Too bad. You’ll have to read the tale of Micah and his Knights. Pesky group if ever there was one, but I want their souls. They’re like little powerful nuggets of gold and I want to fill my treasure chest!

There are a few shockers heading your way, so grab a cup of tea, glass of wine, or a beer and enjoy the tale. Personally, I’d prefer you to have a good stiff drink of liquid cyanide, but that’s just me.

Forever Yours,


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