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Our Story

I use the word "our" because as an Indie Author, you're never working alone. You rely on other indie authors and narrators to answer your questions, help guide you, and basically show you the ropes. Then you pass that knowledge down to the next. We're a formidable team and support each other's efforts. We write our own stories, but do we know the intricacies of narrating, business, and marketing? No, hence the team work.

My Story

Emilie J. Howard lives among the wildlife and forests of Northern Rhode Island with her family and furry companions. Here she taps away at her keyboard hoping to give her readers a chance at escape from the norm, an adventure into unknown realms, or a fright. After publishing her first novel, one can hardly remove her from her post at the desk, except at night when the wolves are howling...

If you happen to visit her and cannot find her at the desk, you just may find her in the woods with her favorite companion by her side, feeding the deer. Emilie is infatuated with wildlife and often captures some amazing photographs. Her surroundings have become the inspiration for some of her novels.

Ahem...that's not really a picture of  me. I'm working on it.


Meet Some of the Team

From narrators, fellow authors, and furry companions. I feel blessed!


J. Scott Bennett

Narrator Extraordinaire

If it weren't for J. Scott Bennett's talent and skills, none of my books would be available on Audible and iTunes. His voice knows no bounds and he delivers perfection each and every time.



Theresa Parker

Indie Author 

If you enjoy cozy mysteries, pick up her Andromeda Spencer series. Start with "Lightning Strikes" and get hooked. Without her help, I'd be an internet and website flunky.

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Dakota Rose

Part Time Assistant

She's really not any help. She's just a pretty distraction. Her nickname is "The Beast."

If you're interested...

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My promise to you is that I will not inundate you with e-mails.  At most, I contact fans two to three times a year, or at their request.